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The technology of SEAT vehicles, their reliability and the constant improvement of the qualification and know-how of the SEAT organization, allow us to offer you various long-term guarantees.

To benefit from the manufacturer's warranty, maintenance and repairs must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.


The SEAT guarantees are valid for all new vehicles that are offered to you today and that apply to all SEAT Service Partners in Europe. Guarantees on the car. 2 years on the car, without kilometer restriction:

All component costs and hourly wages are to be borne by us if your SEAT would show a construction fault during the first two years after delivery.

3 years on the paint of the bodywork: If within the three years following the delivery of your SEAT, the paint has a fault, this will be remedied if the car was repaired after accident according to the SEAT standards.

12 years against rusting: With rusting we mean the rusting of the car from the inside out. Should this be the case within 12 years after the date of delivery, we will fully assume the costs of repairing it.


Warranty on repair.

2 years on all invoiced repairs (parts and hourly wages): A 2-year warranty is given for all repairs with original parts carried out by a SEAT Service Partner.

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